Pay and Save the secure way to pay mobile.

Pay and Save (P&S) offers a unique solution to pay with your smart phone and receiving rewards for your purchases, so no more wallets stuffed with cash, credit cards, loyalty cards and coupons. 

Pay and Save for Customers

P&S removes the need to download individual apps and create separate accounts for each function your mobile can perform..
  • Pay secure
  • Only one password
  • Discover new offers
  • Share it with friends
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Pay and Save for Retailers and Service Providers

Pay and Save (P&S) offers a unique solution to receiving payments by smart phone and for rewarding customer loyalty. But our patented process can also be integrated with other software or embedded in hardware to provide secure access to the home, office, club or hotel room, public transport and airports, for managing metered services at car parks or equipment rental, and to confirm the identity of recipients by couriers or at agencies.

  • The most complete smartphone payment solution.

  • Get extra benefits rewards by using Pay & Save.

Pay and Save for Media and Marketing

Quite simply, Pay and Save (P&S) represents a quantum leap in the promotion of products and services. For the very first time, businesses at any point in the supply chain are able to interact with customers, and not just by advertising deals on purchases at the point of sale that can be redeemed on presentation of a paper coupon or its electronic equivalent.
  • How is a promotion created?
  • What can my promotion include?
  • How does the customer find out about a promotion?
  • When do we see the results of a promotion?
  • What does it cost?
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