Pay and Save for Service Providers

A revolutionary, secure, convenient, affordable and easy to integrate e-transaction solution for electronic payment,
ticketing, couponing, customer loyalty and e-ID applications.

What is P&S?

Pay and Save (P&S) offers a unique solution for mobile integration with software or embedded hardware to provide secure access to the home, office, club or hotel room, public transport and airports, for managing metered services at car parks or equipment rental, and to confirm the identity of recipients by couriers or at agencies.

Why is it so unique?

P&S uses a patented smart phone transaction process that allows different financial and non-financial services to be hosted within a single application that is capable of applying restrictions based on value, usage, location, time, day and date, as well as the logic involved in controlling access within a closed system (e.g. a rail network). Not only does this approach reduce the inconvenience of downloading, storing and arranging numerous apps required in providing multiple services on a mobile device, it eliminates the cost of re-inventing systems for common services (e.g. parking meters).
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How does it work?

Simply define the parameters of your service, for example the schedule, usage, geographical and local restrictions in an XML document and send it to the user’s P&S account following payment or during registration. Your service is assimilated following synchronization of the account with the user’s mobile device, after which all logic required to apply the restrictions is handled between the P&S mobile app and a centralized server (e.g. the P&S server) or embedded software (e.g. an electronic lock).

Why should I choose P&S?

P&S offers you a complete mobile solution which can be implemented with the minimum disruption to your existing system and without the costs incurred in developing, hosting and maintaining a bespoke mobile app and centralized control system. Our solution is compatible with all types of service whether internal, prepaid, post-paid, metered, recurring and implied (e.g. warranties), as a separate entity or to complement your primary business.

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Talk about what matters to your team and stay in the loop with comments and activity.


Does the customer need connection to the Internet to use our service?

No. The customer, employee or guest (the user) must connect to the P&S server initially when registering with your service and additionally whenever there are changes to the service (this is a standard function of the P&S mobile app). Thereafter, validation of user identity may be Internet based, through your own network or completely offline depending on the nature of the service you provide.

Do we need to be connected to the P&S server at all times?

You will need to connect to the P&S server whenever you create or change a service for a customer, employee or guest (the user). Once the service has been registered on the user’s P&S account there are a number of ways in which the P&S mobile app can interact independently of the P&S server. For maximum security and performance, all subsequent requests to confirm user identity and control access can be serviced through an internal network, for example within offices, in a hotel, an airport or across a rail network, or embedded in hardware such as a home or car security system or handheld terminals.

How secure is it?

P&S is very secure. Our patented process does not rely on secure elements within the hardware or changes to the operating system, and yet it is virtually impossible for the security to be duplicated on another device without the co-operation of the intended user. Cross-validation of requests at the server instantly identifies any attempt to undermine security on the mobile device and centralized control allows potential threats to be neutralized immediately.

How can we confirm someone’s identity?

Where necessary the smart phone transaction process allows us to guarantee that both parties (you and your customer, employee or guest) are present in the same location at the same time before the identity of the second party can be revealed. This is an ideal solution where the delivery of goods requires proof that the items were received by the person for whom they were intended.

What about metered services?

Our smart phone transaction process provides a mechanism for customers to confirm ongoing costs for tariff-based services such as parking meters and equipment rental, and for time-dependant services such as airline boarding. These features can be activated during creation of the service parameters and remain totally within your control.

What do I need to start using P&S?

The hardware required to access your service must be able to scan a code using a CCD, camera or wirelessly (e.g. NFC). The software used to access your service must be able to validate the code received or connect to a central network where it can be validated (e.g. the P&S server using a secure Internet connection). We provide full technical support for those wishing to embed the system into hardware, for example vending machines, turnstiles and electronic door locks.

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Solutions for service providers vary greatly from one business to another, so to discover how Pay&Save can help mobilize your service please contact us by email or phone and we will arrange for one of our technical representatives to discuss the possibilities.