Get to know about us

Pay and Save is the brainchild of the company's founder and chairman, Mr. Johan Maris.

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Having created and operated several successful businesses over the past 25 years, Johan was well aware of the dominance of the payment system by Visa and Mastercard. As both a merchant and a consumer he became increasingly frustrated, not just at the need to carry numerous bank cards, all of which were processed by VISA or Mastercard, but also membership and loyalty cards issued by the many suppliers and merchants with whom he did business. So it was around seven years ago that Johan designed and patented the initial Pay and Save system to replace cards and coupons with a single identity token. However, it was not until the widespread adoption of the smart phone that his unique approach could be realised in full.

Today, Johan is joined by a team of like-minded professionals in finance, marketing and information technologies. Together they form the core of Pay and Save, and together they have put in place the only product capable of challenging the institutionalised payment processing system. Their vision is not simply an electronic version of credit cards or using the smart phone as an alternative to carrying loyalty cards or paper coupons, it is a complete rewrite of the rule book based on fixed, low cost transactions, where it is the consumer, not the corporations who decide how much, where and when he can pay; and where every company in the supply chain, big or small, can interact with their customers in ways that could not be imagined before. That vision is not tomorrow's world, it starts today.

The Company Pay & Save

We aim to be the preferred provider of innovative and integrated smart targeting e-services
creating added value through electronic transactions between third parties and individuals.

Our mission is to develop, commercialize and manage a state of the art secured,
interoperable and continuously evolving e-transaction platform that creates and promotes one-to-one relationships
between different (types of) stakeholders.

Our Core Values
– through professionalism and delivering high quality services
Integrity – in taking responsibility for our decisions and acts
Loyalty – to our customers, partners, colleagues and values
Engagement – by motivated and empowered employees and the involvement of customers
Innovation – to meet and even exceed the expectations of our stakeholders