Pay and Save for Retailers

One touch, real time and true customer interaction, fast and secure payments, automatic coupon handling and next generation loyalty.

What is P&S?

Pay and Save (P&S) offers a unique solution to receiving payments by smart phone and for rewarding customer loyalty. It has all the convenience of cash without the risk and is as easy to use as scanning an item at your point of sale.

Why is it so unique?

Unlike other so-called ‘mobile wallets’, which do little more than replace the need to carry numerous plastic cards, P&S customers have complete control over where, when and how often their account can be accessed, and by whom. At the same time we are able to apply promotions automatically without any coupons (paper or electronic) and without any complicated changes to your existing software.

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What are the benefits to me?

We know the benefits you will be most pleased to hear are ‘low, fixed transaction fees’ and ‘faster settlement’ because we do not rely on any third-party acquirers. But P&S offers much more, like access to our social network with its advanced marketing and merchandising tools, so every retailer is able to participate in promotions regardless of size or turnover.

What do I need to accept payments with Pay and Save?

If you are a typical High Street retailer using a barcode scanner at the point-of-sale, P&S can be integrated into your existing system with no investment in hardware and software. All we require is access to the Internet at each POS station where P&S is accepted. For online shops there are coding examples that explain how you can request and confirm payments over the Internet.

Have Discussions

Talk about what matters to your team and stay in the loop with comments and activity.

Why are you different to other payment systems?

Most other mobile wallet solutions are simply substitutes for existing payment systems, like Mastercard, Visa and PayPal, or a mobile extension to Internet banking. Because P&S was conceived from the start as a smart mobile transaction processor we are the only company able to offer a comprehensive payment, promotion and reward system for all types of retailers, suppliers, manufacturers and service providers.

Why don't you use Master Card or Visa?

The inherently weak security on Mastercard and Visa, which was conceived over fifty years ago, invites abuse and fraud. This, together with the number of intermediaries involved in confirming a payment, is the reason why credit card service charges (and mobile payment tariffs based on the credit card legacy) are so high. Not relying on this obsolete technology enables us to operate a fixed fee per transaction regardless of your turnover or volume of trade.

How secure is it?

P&S is very secure. Our patented process avoids the problems associated with all other forms of payment because it places responsibility squarely in the hands of the customer. Unlike credit cards our app cannot be skimmed or access to the account provided on another device without prior consent of the account owner. No customer specific information is transmitted to the point-of-sale, neither is any stored on your internal database, so you are protected from any liability in the event your system is compromised.

How do you reward the customer?

During settlement we are able to identify when a customer has paid with P&S and what he has purchased. We are then able to notify the customer of any promotions for which he qualifies. This may be a promotion you or one of your suppliers has created. Either way, the customer is invited to participate, which may involve his completion of a simple task, like watching a short promotional video, answering questions, or the purchase of other, specific items. On completion the value of the reward is credited to the customer’s P&S account.

What data do you need from me?

For any P&S customers we need to identify specific items they have purchased together with the manufacturer’s UPC (our technical staff will advise you on the best way to prepare this data or offer a solution free of charge, including how to upload it to one of our secure servers). Our system provides everything you require to validate authenticity of a receipt and issue refunds as well as the ability to manage warranties and service renewals.

When do I get paid?

Funds are blocked on the customer account as soon as a purchase is made and transferred to your account 48 hours after we have received confirmation of the transaction from your system. Depending on legal requirements in your region the funds may be blocked on your account for a further period in accordance with the statutory rights of the customer.

How can I register with P&S?

Fill in the application form on the P&S web site. One of our support staff will call to guide you through the rest of the process. Once your application has been accepted we will provide technical support if you need to install the P&S software and register your POS terminals to accept P&S payments.