Pay and Save for Media and Marketing

The most accurate and reliable profile information based on one to one communication in real-time.

What is P&S?

Quite simply, Pay and Save (P&S) represents a quantum leap in the promotion of products and services. For the very first time, businesses at any point in the supply chain are able to interact with customers, and not just by advertising deals on purchases at the point of sale that can be redeemed on presentation of a paper coupon or its electronic equivalent.

Why is it so unique?

Our patented processes gather essential data from retailers during payment and settlement, which you are able to use in offering rewards and incentives. However, we have taken this to a new level of participation with promotions that are not limited by receipt, location, brand or time, and are able to adapt dynamically to customer response throughout the duration of a campaign.

What are the benefits to me?

P&S removes the costs associated with designing, printing and distributing paper coupons or their electronic equivalent. We also remove the cost of customizing software to receive, validate and process coupons at the point of sale. This translates into more cost-efficient campaigns, which can be deployed in a much shorter time frame, and accurate results based on qualified customer information that is not dependant on the successful distribution of printed media.

How do you reward the customer?

During settlement the retailer uploads details of what each P&S customer has purchased. When the customer reviews his account online he is invited to participate in any promotions for which he qualifies. Participation may at your discretion involve completion of a simple task, like watching a short promotional video, undertaking a survey, or the purchase of other, specific items. On completion the value of the reward is transferred from your client’s P&S account to that of the customer.

How secure is it?

P&S is very secure. No customer specific information is transmitted to the point-of-sale, neither is any stored on your client’s internal database. No store specific information is transmitted to our server and we do not share partner specific data we receive with any other partner or outside company.

How is a promotion created?

Promotions can be created offline on almost any platform including PC, MAC, Android and iOS, and integrated into existing stock control systems to take advantage of item codes, descriptions and images. You can add links to any type of media, for example videos, web pages or apps, for the promotion, rewards and tasks. When ready you can upload the promotion to our server from where it can be published.
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What can my promotion include?

The promotion structure is incredibly flexible and easily tailored for every type of incentive, with optional restrictions on time, day or date of purchase, locations, minimum and maximum purchase values, number of entries per customer, dependency on repeat business, etc., and according to scope, for example per receipt, by store or accumulated over the duration of the campaign. And each promotion can contain any number of incentives with increasing rewards to encourage greater participation.

How does the customer find out about a promotion?

Customers can choose to be notified of current and future promotions based on their profile, which builds automatically as they purchase items, and you can target specific sectors directly based on a broad selection of factors such as gender, age, occupation, etc. Customers can opt-in to ‘family group’ promotions where proliferation within the group is rewarded as well as individually. And we are also able to promote directly through other channels such as customer-specific commercials on ipTV and interactive devices within games.

When do we see the results of a promotion?

You have access to the results from the moment you publish your promotion, so you can judge its effectiveness when customers opt-in and as soon as data from the retailers has been processed. Results are provided in popular formats for subsequent processing, for example using Crystal Reports, Excel or SQL.

What does it cost?

Our structure is similar to pay-per-click advertising on the Internet where costs are related to the success of a campaign. In this respect the client is charged a fixed fee once only for each impression displayed on a customer account, either following a targeted campaign or after the item has been purchased, but not both. Additional charges will be incurred if you decide to advertise through other channels.

How can I start using P&S in my marketing strategy?

To use our services your client will need to create a P&S account and provide you with a sub-account to access our server. In the meantime you are welcome to create your own P&S partner account and test the promotional software free of charge.