Pay and Save

Pay and Save (P&S) offers a unique solution to paying with your smart phone and receiving rewards for your purchases, so no more wallets stuffed with cash, credit cards, loyalty cards and coupons. And the same mobile app can provide secure access to your home, office, club or hotel room, public transport and airports, manage metered services at car parks, and confirm your identity with couriers or agencies. P&S removes the need to download individual apps and create separate accounts for each function your mobile can perform.

Why is it so unique?

Unlike other so-called ‘mobile wallets’, which do little more than replace the need to carry numerous plastic cards, P&S gives you complete control in much the same way you manage your real wallet or purse today. You are free to set levels of security and convenience based on your lifestyle. Choose the maximum you want to pay for each transaction as well as the day of week, time of day, how often it can be used and the general location or retailer at which it can be accepted. It really is like carrying smart cash.