Johan Maris


Founder, Chief Executive Officer


Though never having received formal training as an engineer, Johan had always taken great interest in the way machines functioned and had an innate knack for spotting weaknesses and inefficiencies in their design.
On many occasions over the years Johan had developed ideas on the drawing board but lacked the time to put them into practice.
However, that all changed in 2001 when he redesigned the automated car-wash concept under the brand name, “Smart Bubbles”.

Having to understand new technologies including electronics and software as well as exploring new concepts in combining different materials proved to be a steep learning curve but one that he approached with the characteristics of a true entrepreneur, creating a second company, “Wish&Wash”, which continues to produce specialized materials for the car wash industry that are sold all over the world. It was not until one rainy day when waiting in a queue with a lot of other customers frustrated over the failure of their petrol savings card that Johan first saw the blueprint for what would become “Pay&Save”. Having experienced problems with the prepaid card system at the automated car washed and having to juggle so many bank cards, loyalty cards and discount coupons as both a customer and a merchant it was clear that something had to change.

Johan realised that the very basis of the payment and reward system was at fault because each company had a unique software and technology, and to him the solution was simple – all that any system ever required was to be able to identify a customer, so make the customer the base and provide each customer with a single identity that is both secure and convenient to use.

Today, Pay&Save is on track with a unique solution to mobile payments, loyalty system and coupon processing, all covered by worldwide patents, and the investment required to make Johan’s vision come true.

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